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Product Description

Index Drives are accurate indexing device that make rotating the input axial with same speed like repeating a gear wheel in the clock, output axial repeat a motion with fixed angle and time

Automatic system in Assembling, Packaging, Transportation, Inspection, Labelling process for Food, Medical, several machinery and Electronic part.
* Simple structure ---        Simple design and assembling with 2 dimensional part.
* High diving precision --- Absolute, within +- 30 sec.
                                           Relative, within +- 15 sec.
                                           Repeating, within +- 5 sec.
*Powerful strength ---       Stronger about 4 times than other makers' product.
*Cost ---                           Lower cost than performance.
Type of Product
(1) Parallel axial type : Axial, Flange type with 4, 6, 8 indexing device using new Geneva Gear or Parallel Cam.
(2) Cross axial type : Axial, Flange and Pipe type with 2 -28 indexing device using our international patent application.

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